An open concept mini store to enhance your Cleveland break room

Self Serve Retail-Markets Throughout Cleveland and Surrounding Areas

Self Serve Retail-Markets Throughout Cleveland and Surrounding Areas

No Vending Hassles

Eliminates the fear of lost money, stuck product and jams by using a self-checkout kiosk.

Large Product Selections

Open shelves and glassfront coolers allow for a broader selection of drinks, snacks, and food.

Improve Corporate Culture

Employees love having a mini store in their Cleveland workplace open 24 hours a day.

Healthy Options

Micro-markets let us go outside the box to offer nutritious, better-for-you foods and drinks.

Experience a new level of refreshment with a micro-market in your Cleveland break room. This open concept mini store eliminates vending machines and replaces them with coolers and open racks that feature hundreds of different products. Choose from deli-style food options, healthier snacks, trendy beverages, indulgent treats, and much more.

Purchases are made at the secure, easy to use kiosk within the micro market. With no moving parts, micro-markets virtually eliminate service calls and loss of money. The available options and layout are completely customizable to fit any space. Our micro-market experts will help design the perfect grab-and-go refreshment experience for your Cleveland business location.

Find out today if your workplace qualifies for this enhanced break room experience from Cleveland Vending Machines at 800-707-2744 or email

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Employee Efficiency

A great refreshment experience satisfies employees and is a corporate benefit

Improve employee morale with a revolutionary refreshment experience in your Cleveland break room, a micro-market. The open concept, state-of-the-art kiosk, brightly lit coolers, and huge product inventory will give your break room a whole new vibe. It’s a great perk for employees as they have an expanded range of food, snack, and beverage options. Employees can also examine and look at a product before making the final purchase at the self-checkout kiosk.

Each Cleveland Vending Machines micro-market is run with the latest technology. The web-based inventory management system makes delivering the exact products your micro-market needs quick and easy. We can also evaluate new products and see what sells best, helping us customize your micro-market further. We also utilize a full-security system, modern energy efficient coolers, cashless payment acceptance and much more.

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Our vending service and office coffee service includes but not limited to the following areas: Cleveland, Elyria, Avon, Independence, Sheffield, Strongsville, Euclid, Mentor, Solon, and North Olmsted